Using our application experience we can save you valuable time and effort and ensure all equipments stay at optimal performance.

Our team of experienced and highly skilled installation engineers are on hand to provide support, advice and, if required, undertake the installation. Our engineers and technicians also provide survey services for temporary or permanent installations; this can include equipment hire, calibration and data collection services


For long-term installations, we recommend a site calibration is undertaken to improve measurement accuracy. Prajasatech can either provide advice and devise a calibration program for you.

We have the experience to provide a comprehensive maintenance plan. This can cover all ancillary products required for calibration and on-going maintenance of the sensor or a full support service that can maintain the sensor systems operating performance and minimize lifecycle cost.

Full training can be provided for all aspects of the Prajasatech Products – from the science underpinning the technology through to the installation, application and will cover both theory and hands on demonstration and application.